Stingray Capture Bag (aka the 'Ham Bag')

After the resounding success of the 'The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag' we are proud to offer a slightly different design to cater for the safe and almost stress-free capturing of Stingrays.

This is yet again a device which has the animals' welfare, as well as the divers' safety and practicality at its heart.

Stingray Handling Solutions

The capture of large rays can be problematic. They are highly agile, flexible and generally very slippery. Manual restraint is difficult, potentially dangerous and highly stressful. Fortunately they are intelligent and very amenable to training.

The use of a bespoke transport bag in combination with positive reinforcement behavioural training is a much easier prospect to managing a Ray capture if training is not in place where the animal can be recalled to a designated area or in a large display.

The Ham Bag offers features that have been specifically designed with large rays in mind by aquarists that have considerable experience in moving and training these elasmobranchs.

Stingray Capture Bag Features

  • • The bag corners have been rounded to prevent rays becoming trapped or hurt themselves.
  • • A slot for luring the animals into the bag with a food item allows a diver to encourage a ray into the bag.
  • • Locations of hook-side strip Velcro fastenings have been considered to ensure they do not produce an aversive surface for ray's sensitive skin to move across.
  • • The large, thick bands of Velcro fastenings are very secure and easily manipulated by divers underwater.
  • • The shape of the bag enables efficient moving through the water for 3 divers.
  • • Numerous handholds are provided in multiple places for diver convenience.
  • • The bag opening has been designed to remain open without holding directly where usual bag openings flop around underwater.
  • • 2 Rods slide into pockets on both sides, in case it is preferred that the Ham Bag stays more rigid (these can be taken out).
  • • This device is made of the highest quality materials ensuring the optimum combination of Strength and Flexibility.

Stingray Capture Bag Dimensions

  • • Length - 170cm
  • • Width (Front) - 225cm
  • • Width (Rear) - 120cm
  • • Height (Arch) - 60cm

Stingray Capture Video

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