Brand New Product - Stingray Capture Bag - aka the 'Ham Bag'

We, at 1-2-1, have certainly not been sitting still during the Corona Virus lockdown, but instead have worked hard on creating new devices for you guys! And today we are excited to present to you a device which we designed together with Graham Hill at the Deep in Hull, UK.

It is baptised the 'Ham Bag' (as Graham is often referred to as 'Ham'), but it technically is of course a 'Stingray Capture Bag'.

In the video below, Graham and his team capture a southern stingray (Hypanus americanus).

Graham writes..

“I am very happy with the design and the trials we have carried out already.
The design has the animals’ welfare and divers’ practicality at its forefront.
It just works...”

Graham Hill (aka 'Ham') - The Deep

For product details & pricing; please contact us.

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