YULEYS® from HexArmor

The re-usable step in / step out shoe cover that saves time and money.

We’re delighted to offer Zoo’s and Aquariums this fantastic reusable alternative to the typical disposable overshoes that are often slippery, expensive and terrible for the environment.

Stop wasting time and money on awkward throw away products. These industrial-grade work boot covers can be used thousands of times and are easily recyclable too.

Case Study | CHESTER ZOO

Chester Zoo increases biosecurity and reduces waste with YULEYS®.


YULEYS® deliver safety and convenience in every step

A hands-free design means that you can easily slip them on and off without having to bend over or use your hands, and the heel-lock system helps to keep them firmly on the feet.

The slip reducing tread gives greater traction and helps to create a safer experience for your team as well as helping to protect the floors and walls of your enclosures. Now your husbandry teams can feel more confident whilst walking on the range of different surfaces often found in Zoo’s and Aquariums.

The industrial grade rubber actually inhibits bacterial growth, is odor resistant and disinfects easily. It's never been easier to keep contaminants off the floor and protect the health of your animals.

Once finished for the day, Yuleys covers can be sprayed down and left to air dry. They are also launderable and can be sterilized with bleach.

YULEYS® Re-usable Shoe Cover Features

  • • Hands-free
  • • Heel-lock system
  • • Flexible design
  • • Slip-reducing tread
  • • Industrial-grade SEBS rubber
  • • Re-usable & Recyclable
  • • Improve safety of your staff
  • • Protect your enclosures
  • • Reduce spread of contaminants
  • • Autoclavable
  • • Silicone free
  • • Launderable
  • • Can be sterilized with bleach