New Legs

Protective Leg Guards

Venom Defender Leg Guards provide cool, comfortable & durable lower leg protection against venomous Snake bites, as well as bites from Otters and other small mammals. Simply wrap around your lower leg & fasten with 2 adjustable straps into quick release buckles.

Our Leg Guards have a toe cover which covers the laces of the shoe / boot and prevents the possibility of snake fangs or mammal teeth becoming tangled in them when struck or attacked. They can be worn comfortably for many hours without strap re-adjustment.

This leg protection is one size fits most (up to 18" circumference). An essential item when field herping or when entering small mammal enclosures.

These Leg Guards also offer great protection against nippy over excited penguins.

After conducting tests at Sealife Birmingham and Weymouth, we learned that Otters would bite a few times in the Leg Guards but as the keepers did not respond, they lost interest altogether!

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'Venom Defender' Leg Gaiters

These high dexterity Leg Gaiters offer the ultimate protection against snags, punctures, abrasions, bites or cuts to your legs.

HexArmor® body protection with SuperFabric®* technology provides industry leading cut resistance, giving you the protection you need most, where you need it.

  • Made with SuperFabric® brand material for some of the highest cut-resistance available on the market, ANSI/ISEA level A7.
  • Highly cut, puncture, and abrasion-resistant; front-to-back leg coverage.
  • Reflective strip for visibility in low light situations.
  • Launderable.
James Robson @ Sealife Birmingham
The snake proof leg protectors arrived today so we tried them out. The otters were really interested at first and tried chewing a bit on the straps, but it was interest not aggressive. After they started feeding they were very well behaved and relaxed, and afterwards did come back to investigate the protectors again but didn’t try to chew them.
James Robson @ Sealife Birmingham