A button-activated controller allowing visitors to choose the colour of an exhibit. Brilliant for jellyfish!

The guest-facing button panel allows a guest to choose from up to 4 colours, controlling the lighting of the space or exhibit behind.

Included with each order is a powerful RGBW DMX light which is connected to our control unit.

The light is waterproof to IP65 rating and will easily survive the harsh conditions of water splashes and salt spray which are common near zoo and aquarium exhibits.

The light itself is energy class "A+++" for maximum environmental efficiency.

The design of the button panel and the selection of colours are fully customisable.

When visitors press a button on the touch panel, the light fades gently into the new colour right before their eyes!

Luminar could allow guests to see jellyfish glow in vivid colour, or to reveal species in certain colours of light that are otherwise not visible!

Of course, we are committed to the highest welfare standards, and can discuss requirements in detail, so as to avoid any chance that variations of light and colour disturb light-sensitive species.

Our 'Plug & Play' concept ensures easy installation

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Product Features


Made from IP65 rated component

What's in the box?

"Luminar" controller box

Guest-facing touch button panel (text & design customisable)

1 x RGBW 12 watt LED light