Rubber Landing nets

Dan Hernandez Signature Series Rubber Landing Nets feature thermoplastic rubber moulded bags making them 100% snag proof. It features a sturdy octagon-shaped handle which can be easily detached from the frame.

The detachable handle of the Small & Medium sized nets are interchangeable.

Depth of Nets:

SMALL: 25 - 30cm
MEDIUM: 35 - 40cm
LARGE: 50 - 70cm

Pitch Fork Style Lift Ratings:

SMALL - 13lbs/ 6 kgs
MEDIUM - 22lbs/ 10 kgs
LARGE - 33lbs/ 15 kgs

The lifting power when the net is lifted from a vertical position as opposed to pitch forking will have a much stronger weight capacity as all the weight and pressure is placed on the yoke opposed to the handle.

Rays and black Seabass over 100lbs/50 kilos have been lifted using the vertical lifting method.

3 sizes REPLACEMENT Pro Mar Rubber Landing Nets

35cm x 40cm hoop (14 x 16 inch) Black + detachable 60cm/24inch handle
50cm x 55cm hoop (20 x 22 inch) Black OR Transparent + detachable 120cm/48inch handle
66cm x 70cm hoop (26 x 28 inch) Black + detachable 150cm/60inch handle

Replacement Nets

All sizes available in Black
We can offer a Transparent Net for the Medium sized Rubber Landing Net

Scott Hadley - Cluster Curator @ Sealife Nagoya, Japan

From its inception, SEALIFE Nagoya has been using 1-2-1 Animal Products for all of our aquarium operations.

The landing nets, venom defenders, shark stretchers and ray trays have been our strong and sturdy companions which made the opening process of our aquariums that much easier.

The shark stretchers have been used extensively to move sharks around our sites and deliver animals safely into their new homes.

The venom defender gloves are also invaluable as we handle stingrays and lionfish on a daily basis, and we know we can handle these animals safely with 1-2-1 Animal products.

Very happy with the quality and customer service, we are glad to be business partners with 1-2-1 Animals!

Cheers Clem & Maureen!

Scott Hadley - Cluster Curator @ Sealife Nagoya, Japan

Marcin Betlejewski - Akwarium Gdyńskie
If you deal with anything larger than a guppy then the nets from 121 Animal Handling Products are a must. The rubber net and detachable pole make life much easier. No matter if it’s a sting ray, grouper or shark, you can be sure you won’t hurt them during handling. Our aquarists just love this gear. They say 'It’s the Rolls Royce of the nets'. If they say so, it must be the truth!
Marcin Betlejewski - Akwarium Gdyńskie

James Robson - Curator @ Sealife Birmingham
We now exclusively use the full range of 1-2-1 products for moving our animals between exhibits. They have proven to be reliable, hard wearing and designed with both the user and animal in mind. Having the shark sling, large and small ray tray means we can move everything from the largest shark to the smaller rays without any trouble.
James Robson - Curator @ Sealife Birmingham

Lee Jackson - Curator @ Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington
We have just in the last couple of weeks used your product to capture and move a group of very large freshwater stingrays. The net worked beautifully! I will be using it again for a medical procedure on a large Pacu in early December.
Lee Jackson - Curator @ Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington

Chris Brown - Senior Curator SEA LIFE Displays Developments, Weymouth, UK
I am not surprised you are having more enquiries about your products as I personally have found they make the task of moving delicate animals safer and more professional.
Chris Brown - Senior Curator SEA LIFE Displays Developments, Weymouth, UK