‘The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag’ (as designed by Dr. Rob Jones)

In a concerted effort to substantially reduce the stress levels during the process of catching sharks, Aquarium Vet Rob Jones has designed 'The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag'.

This device comprises of a see-through material which is barely visible to the shark. When it is caught inside it hardly realises and thus does not experience any major stress levels. The divers then swim the device to the surface where one can treat the shark.

In case a shark needs to be relocated from the pool, we have implemented a sturdy zipper which is positioned 1/4 (one quarter) from the front.

The front of the Shark Bag should slide into the back of the Shark Carrier, and after undoing the zipper, the shark will smoothly slide into the Shark Carrier for further transportation.

This revolutionary device has been in use since 2009, and Rob himself has caught a variety of species such as Sand Tiger Sharks, Sandbars, Seven Gills and many more.

Product Features

This device is made of the highest quality materials ensuring the optimum combination of Strength and Flexibility.

Additional to the device shown in the video we have incorporated 2 ‘Handles’ on both sides of the device. This ensures better control during the capture.

Also a Zipper, which enables the shark to slide forward out of the device into a Shark Carrier - ready for further transportation (relocation).

SMALL: 200cm x 160cm x 30cm
MEDIUM: 310cm x 240cm x 46cm

Alessandro Marchi - Acquario di Genova

Hi Maureen, I would like to let you know...

We, in the past, have bougth a few stretchers and a couple of ray trays from you, and they are excellent.

I have also used the The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag successfully, and it’s exactly what we need for moving our sharks!

Thank you for your support.

Alessandro Marchi - Supervisor (Cold Water & Reptiles) @ Acquario di Genova, Italy
Sealife Orlando
“SEA LIFE Orlando purchased 2 different sized TAV Shark Bag’s. The build quality and ease of use made this piece of equipment an excellent choice for capturing, restraining, and transporting sharks both safely and effectively. These bags are not only as a great way to protect a shark from harming itself during capture procedures, but more importantly to provide excellent protection for staff members as they transport the animal.”
Andrew Nerness - Displays Curator @ Sealife Orlando