Transporting sharks from Sealife Blackpool to London

Transporting sharks from Sealife Blackpool to London

In this news feature we visit Sealife in Blackpool as they take on the challenge of transporting Sharks from their tanks in Blackpool to London.

The tanks at Sealife in Blackpool needed to be emptied for refurbishment. This of course meant that the Sharks which live in them needed to be moved and they were to be rehoused in tanks in Blackpool until the refurbishment had been completed. There were different Sharks involved, including Nurse Sharks, Black Tipped Sharks, and Sand Sharks.

The main priorities during a procedure like this are of course the welfare of both the Sharks and the people involved. These are strong animals and it is vital that they are both safe and secure whilst being moved from their tanks to the lorry. A stressed Shark that is thrashing around could make a procedure like this very challenging for staff!

Our Shark Carriers have been designed using the highest quality durable materials and to provide maximum comfort for both the sharks and handlers. They include extra strength eyelets, extra rope and extra velcro straps. They are light weight and provide extra carrier straps to provide extra support.

The Sealife team also had our Animal Handling Gloves to hand in case any of the team felt that they would like extra protection whilst exposed to the Sharks during transport.

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