Feeding a Sea Turtle with our Feeding Grippers

Feeding a Sea Turtle with our Feeding Grippers

We are proud to announce that Sealife in Birmingham has been using our newly designed Feeding Gripper to feed a Giant Sea Turtle.

Pictured is the short 25” version, but for target feeding we offer 40” as well as 72” grippers. The triple rubber coated top and bottom jaws ensure maximum grip to securely hold the food in place. We can further improve grip by creating a course texture on the gripper ends (optional).

Our feeding gripper is constructed from one-piece quality anodised aluminium tubing and features a concealed (non visible) stainless steel cable and spring. The handles are lacquered to ensure maximum resistance against corrosion caused by salt water. The wide gentle grip disperses pressure over a greater surface over the food, eliminating the possibility of squashing the food item.




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