A new and innovative Marine Animal Isolation Device (MAID)

A new and innovative Marine Animal Isolation Device (MAID)
... but this time redesigned for Spider Crabs!

Great news for everyone who has Teleost, Spider Crabs and other small and medium sized marine animals and Crustaceans and struggles with treating these safely!

We can now offer a new 'isolation' device which enables you to do bath treatments - within the cage/tank - with no sign of cross contamination of water!

This means that treatments like coppercare & aquatet can be administered in-situ.

And, without the additional stress involved with moving an animal.

As you may well know many bath treatments (such as coppercare) can severely impact your filter bacteria, and cause major chemistry spikes.

This bacteria lives within the filter and breaks down harmful ammonia & nitrite that could seriously impact fish health.

The other benefit the device offers is that your site might be short of quarantine space.

Which means that you can have one of these to increase the number of quarantine spaces available.

Please get in touch if you are interested, then we will run the technical details passed you and quote you on the ideal sized device for your aquarium.

Here a comment by Brendan, who commissioned this project;

“We worked with Clem & Maureen to develop a suitable treatment mechanisms for our Giant Japanese Spider Crabs, so we could easily look to schedule in bi-annual pro-active treatments for blackspot commonly found in crustaceans.

This design allows us to safely administer aquatet treatments to these wonderful animals, safe in the knowledge that the treatment could be administered without effecting the life support systems.”

Throughout Clem & Maureen were great in helping discuss plans, ideas & possible solutions’.

Brendan Malone - Sealife Manchester

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