5 money-saving hacks for your zoo or aquarium

We are once again honoured to be asked to present to you a great article written by Joe Lavery.

We are confident that him sharing his extensive experience about practical cost savings will give many an opportunity to make a significant difference.

At this time this could be more important than ever before!

Below is an exert from his full article on Linkedin.

In the last article, I outlined my four-step process for cutting costs within a zoo or aquarium without compromising animal welfare. If you followed along and created a saving for your business — well done! I'm really happy it's helped.

Oh, you want more? You keen little sausage.

Well, these next four ideas can be implemented straight away for maximum benefit. They're real-world examples that I've personally used to save money without impacting animal welfare or visitor experience. Apply them to your business, and you'll be hailed as a money-saving magician. You bloody legend.

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