Transporting Stumpy the 200kg Stringray

Transporting Stumpy the 200kg Stringray

Sealife Sydney Aquarium recently needed to move a 200k g Short tail Stingray (Dasyatis brevicaudata) to Manly Sea-Life Sanctuary across the bay.

Gerhard and his team at Sealife Sydney Aquarium used our custom built Extra Large Ray Tray to do this and we are impressed to see that all worked perfectly.

Stumpy was given its name as it was rescued after a shark had bitten off its tail.

For the full story check out the video below:


I Recently had the pleasure of doing business with Clem at 1-2-1 Animal handling products after recommendations from Colleagues in the UK, where they supply a lot of our Sealife Centres with very good animal handling products. I needed an XL Ray tray to move a +250kg Dasyatis brevicaudata, and in no time at all the design was done and this non standard item manufactured in record time. It's been delivered to me, only a few weeks after commencing discussions! Thus far I am mightily impressed by their service and will undoubtedly use them again.

Gerhard Beukes - Curator-Sealife Sydney Aquarium

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